Professor Ata Akcil, Ph.D. - Eng.

Group Leader, Mineral-Metal Recovery and Recycling (MMR&R) Research Group
Technical Senior Expert for Critical and Strategical Raw Materials and Resource Recovery 
Member of Operational Group, Euro. Innov. Partnership on Raw Materials (European Commission)
Member, International Waste Management Group (IWWG-WEEE)

Associate Editor, Waste Management (Elsevier)
Editorial Board Member, Hydrometallurgy (Elsevier)
MP&EMR (Taylor&Francis), M&M Processing Journal (SME)

Suleyman Demirel University, Engineering Faculty,
Dept. of Mining Eng., Mineral Processing Division
Mineral - Metal Recovery and Recycling
(MMR&R) Research Group
E-7 Block, Room #217
West Campus, Cunur, TR32260 Isparta, Turkey

+90-246-211 13 21 (Office)
+90-246-211 13 43 (Lab.)
Skype ID: ata.akcil