• Chemical-Biological Treatment (Hydrometallurgy and Biohydrometallurgy)
    Aqueous Metal Recovery and Metal Removal Techniques as Lab, Pilot and Industrial Scale Leaching/Bioleaching/Biooxidation Processes, Bioprocess Engineering Research of Autotrophic Acidophiles, Cyanidation, Purification of Clays, Recovery of Rare Earth Elements and Radioactive Minerals, Biotechnological approach to recycling of secondary materials.

  • Critical and Strategical Raw Materials, Sustainable Resource Development, Resource
    Recovery, Extractive Metallurgy, Mining&Environment and Primary&Secondary Resources

  • Environmental Mining Management

  • Cyanide Destruction and Degradation, Acidic Mine Drainage, Primary, Secondary and Nuclear Waste Treatment and Management, Cyanide Management Plan, Cyanide Code Management for Mining (GAP Analysis, Pre-Audit and Audit Certification), Environmental Impact Assessment, Emergency Response Plan

  • Critical Materials for Military Usage
  • Waste Management
  • Urban Mining, Recycling of Spent batteries, E-Waste (WEEE), Petrochemical Waste, Industrial Waste (Bottom and Fly Ash)

  • Eco-Innovative Technologies for Mining, Metallurgy and Industrial Sectors (Resources, Waste, Recycling)

  • Mineral Processing

  • Historical Mining and Metallurgy

  • Basic Principles of Scientific Research and Project Management Methods

  • Auditing for R&D Institutes and Commercial Plants (National and International level)