1. Coordinator, Recovery of Critical Metal from Waste LCD Panels: Laboratory and Pilot Applications. Tübitak Project - MAG/119M010, 2019-2020.

  2. Coordinator, Recovery of metallic values by the precipitation/solvent exraction (SX) methods from the pregnant leach solution for ZN and Pb recovery. Tübitak 2221 Prog. (2221-1059B211800666), 2019-2020.

  3. Researcher, Metal Recovery from E-wastes by Cyanide Alternative Lixiviants. Tübitak project - MAG/116M012, 2016-2018.

  4. Project Partner (MC Member and Work Group Leader-WG4), ReCreew - European network for innovative recovery strategies of rare earth and other critical metals from electric and electronic waste, European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research - COST, Proposal OC-2014-1-18813 (CSO Approval: November 2014), March 2015-March 2019.

  5. Project Advisor, Bioleaching of industrial waste as pyritic ash from sulphuric acid plant: A biotechnological approach for metal recovery. TUBITAK 2216-Research Fellowship Programme for International Researchers, 2015-2016.

  6. Project Advisor, Microbial desulphurization of Turkish coal in the presence of some chemical surfactants: A biotechnological approach. TUBITAK 2216-Research Fellowship Programme for International Researchers, 2015-2016.

  7. Project Co-Director (with Prof.Dr. Kerstin Kuchta, Germany), Biotechnological Approach for Recovery of Rare Earth Elements and Precious Metals from E-Waste – BIOREEs, Intensified Cooperation (IntenC): Promotion of German-Turkish Higher Education Research, TUBITAK International Project (Turkey-Germany), Project Code: TUBITAK 2527, Project No: 113Y011, 2014-2018.

  8. Project Advisor, Effect of Cl- ion with variable cations (K+, Na+, Ca2+ and NH42+) on the Fe2+ oxidation and the pH dependence on the maintenance co-efficient (ms) in a Leptospirillum dominated chemostat culture. TUBITAK and FP7 Marie Curie Actions-People-COFUND (COFUNDED Brain Circulation Scheme-Co-Circulation Scheme) (Project No: 112C009), 2013.

  9. Project Coordinator, Recovery of Metals from Waste By-products of Bayer Process using by Laboratory and Pilot Scales. Tübitak project - MAG/111M220, 2011-2013.

  10. Project Coordinator, Industrial Minerals and Advanced Technological Products (IMATP/EHİTÜ) R&D Infrastructure Laboratory Project (Integration with Göller Bölgesi Center of Innovation Technologies Infrastructure Project), DPT (State Planning Agency) Infrastructure Project, SDÜ, Isparta, 2012-2014.

  11. Project Coordinator, Purification of Quartz Ore by Chemical Methods, SDU Research Project, No. 1804-D-09, 2009-2013.

  12. Researcher, Recycling and Recovery of Metals from Electronic Wastes Using Physical Separation, Chemical Leaching Method, TUBITAK MAG 109M111, 2009-2012.

  13. Advisor, Recovery of Zinc and Manganese Metals from Spent Batteries, TUBITAK CAYDAG 108M018, 2008-2010.

  14. Advisor, Purification of Kaolins with Organic Acids by Using Leaching Methods, TUBITAK MAG 108M180, 2008-2009. Full Resume Professor Ata Akcil, PhD-P.Eng. Updated – July 17, 2018 9/27

  15. Project Coordinator, Experimental and Process Analysis of Vanadium, Nickel and Molybdenum Recovery from used HDS spent catalyst by hydrometallurgical methods, SDU Research Project, No. 1672-YL-08, 2008-2009.

  16. Advisor, Production of new and clean products by purification of quartz ore, TUBITAK TEYDEB, 2007-2009.

  17. Project Coordinator, Experimental and Process Analysis of Vanadium and Nickel Recovery from waste boiled ash and industrial catalyst, SDU Research Project, No. 1529-YL-07, 2007-2008.

  18. Project Coordinator, Biooxidation and Cyanide Leaching of Refractory Gold Ores, TUBITAK MAG 107M194, 2007-2008.

  19. Project Coordinator, Investigation of acidic mine drainage (AMD) in the Emirli (Turkey) antimony mine, SDU Research Project, 2006-2008.

  20. Project Coordinator, Biooxidation and cyanide leaching of refractory gold ores, SDU Research Project, No. 1154-D-05, 2005-2008.

  21. Project Coordinator, Application of biotechnological methods in metal mining: copper recovery by bacterial leaching method, TUBITAK MAG 104M378, 2005-2007.

  22. Project Coordinator, Role of mesophilic cultures in bioleaching of a high pyritic chalcopyrite concentrate, SDU Research Project, No. 1014, 2005-2006.

  23. Researcher, The measurement of electrochemical equilibrium and kinetic mechanisms in metal recovery using advanced method, SDU-DPT (State Planning Agency) Research Project, No. 2004/64, 2004-2007.

  24. Researcher, The chemical recovery of copper ores by ethilendiamin tetraaceticacid and hydrogen peroxide leaching, SDU Research Project, No. 875, 2004-2007.

  25. Researcher, The removal of cyanide using microfiltration and ultrafiltration, SDU-DPT (State Planning Agency) Research Project, No. 2003-27, 2003-2005.

  26. Researcher, The removal and recovery of cyanide in gold mining process wastewaters using high-pressure membranes, SDU Research Project, No. 03-M-699, 2003-2005.

  27. Project Coordinator, Metals recovery from multimetal sulphide concentrates: combination of thermal process and pressure leaching, SDU Research Project, No. 393, 2003-2004.

  28. Project Coordinator, Recovery of copper from sulphide ores by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans, SDU Research Project, No. 560, 2002-2003.

  29. Project Coordinator, Concentration studies of hematite ores (the Turkish Iron–Steel Works, Divrigi), SDU Research Project, No. 278, 1998-2001.

  30. Researcher, Concentration of Izmir–Arapdagı epithermal gold ore by conventional and column flotation, SDU Research Project, No. 85, 1998-2000.

  31. Researcher, An investigation of concentration of Kırka–tincal ore by calcination method, TUBITAK MAG 838/MISAG 9, Izmir, 1990-1992.